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New Appointment

  • The best way to reach me is to make an appointment by phone.
  • You may call 0622317883 and leave me a message.
  • Normally, calls are returned the same day and all calls are returned within 24-hours.
  • On some occasions, my appointments can run late. While I try hard to avoid this, sometimes a patient requires a little more attention and your patience in this regard is appreciated, if this happens.
  • Consultation in Dutch is also possible.
  • Consult in Nederlands geen probleem.

New Patients Questionnaire

  • Complete the New Patients Questionnaire form as a Word document and not a PDF file.
  • Please try and fill the Questionnaire form by reading each question carefully and try to fill the Form as complete as possible, because each and every question in the Questionnaire form has a definite meaning and significance.
  • Questionnaire form will help me to get an Overview and some insight into your complaints before I can see you during the first consultation.
  • After completing the New Patients Questionnaire form, you need to email this Completed New Patients Questionnaire to the email address mentioned in the Questionnaire form

Cancelling / Rescheduling Appointments

“Call the phone number 0622317883”

  • You need to call this phone number 0622317883 to reschedule or cancel an appointment.
  • Missed appointments hurt everyone. Your appointment is a time specially set aside just for you and your care.
  • Missed appointments also hurt other patients, who may have been waiting and could have benefited from that time slot.
  • For this reason, If you need to cancel your appointment, 48-hours advanced notice is preferred, to give others an opportunity to take that appointment.