Homeopathy For Children

“Homeopathy is very effective in treating Children diseases”

  • Speaking a little from my own experience, being a father of 7 children myself, my home also became a clinic for me where I was able to treat my own children with Homeopathy.
  • I would like to humbly say that my children received only homeopathic treatment when they were sick.
  • One of the main action of Homeopathy is on the Immune system and hence it acts very efficaciously in children as their immune system is still in the process of development, where Homeopathy can play a pivotal role to strength their immune system so that they have a better resistance to infections. If they contract any infection, they make a quick a speedy recovery.

Homeopathy For Pregnant Women

“Homeopathy can be very useful in treating certain ailments during    pregnancy and also help to alleviate certain distressing symptoms      which may arise during pregnancy.”

  • Speaking from personal experience, I have seen Homeopathy act swiftly to stop premature labor in my wife (our fifth child) who had just begun her last trimester of pregnancy.
  • Also Homeopathy helped my wife during labor to facilitate the labor process.
  • I have also seen in my practice that Homeopathy came to an aid of another lady with Oligoamnios also in her last trimester of pregnancy, where every movement of the foetus was extremely painful to her. She was also promptly relieved by Homeopathy.
  • Hence one can say that the Scope of Homeopathy also extends during Pregnancy.
    “Homeopathy is completely safe and pregnant women can use Homeopathy without the danger of side effects, interactions with prescription drugs, herbs or vitamins.”