General Information

Een homeopathisch consult omvat een individualiserend onderzoek van de patiënt om tot een homeopathische diagnose te komen. Dit omvat het ontdekken van het unieke patroon van de patiënt en het matchen met een soortgelijke substantie in de natuur die resoneert met dit unieke patroon van de patiënt.

Het homeopathische consult is als een reis waarbij de patiënt en de homeopaat samen aan de slag gaan. Beide partijen hebben een rol te spelen op deze reis waarbij de homeopaat als gids fungeert om de patiënt te helpen in het proces van zelfobservatie van zijn klachten/symptomen om meer duidelijkheid naar voren te brengen, met als uiteindelijk doel het opstellen van het portret of patroon van de patiënt om tot de homeopathische diagnose te komen.

Depending on the onset, duration and the nature of the complaints, there are 2 types of homeopathic consultations possible: 

  1. Acute consult
  2. Chronic consult 

Acute Homeopathic Consult

An acute consultation is carried out when the complaints/symptoms are acute and calls for an urgent or immediate intervention.

The duration of an acute consult is usually 1 – 1½ hour

The approach of an acute consult is focused on arriving at a diagnosis and to address the complaints/symptoms which are distressing at the moment. This is done by investigating into the probable cause which could have brought about these complaints/symptoms and also finding out factors/circumstances/modifiers which could make the presenting complaints/symptoms better or worse, in order to arrive at a homeopathic prescription.

Hence it is essential that the patient observes his/her symptoms and to pay special attention to what makes his/her symptoms better or worse

There is a checklist to help the patient in the process this self-observation with regards to the factors/circumstances/modifiers which could make the presenting complaints/symptoms better or worse and it is recommended that the patient tries to fill in the checklist as far as possible before coming in for the consultation. 

The checklist can be filled on-line OR downloaded and printed-out depending on what is convenient 

Information about the Checklist:

The checklist contains a list of factors/circumstances/modifiers which could make the complaints/symptoms better or worse and this can assist in self-observation of the complaints/symptoms. 

Please click here to read a detailed description on how the checklist needs to be filled in:-

Chronic Homeopathic Consult

1st session:

An overview consult (Duration 1 ½ hr.)-During the 1st session, it is very important for me to get an overview of the complaints in order to determine, what needs to be treated. During this session, the life situation/space of the patient in inquired into for e.g., events of grief/stress etc. which may have contributed in the evolution of the disease/complaints

During this session, there is a questionnaire/checklist which is given to the patient and the patient is explained in detail how to fill in this questionnaire/checklist and asked to bring it during the 2nd session. A second copy will be send to the client via email after the 1st session is finished.

2nd session:

An analysis consult (Duration 1 ½ hr.) During this 2nd session, the filled-in questionnaire/checklist is gone through in minute detail by cross questioning, in order to re-confirm and refine the symptoms which are filled in the questionnaire/checklist and finally an analysis of the done in order to arrive at the prescription.

3rd session:

Reviewing the outcome (Duration 1 ½ hr.) –  The 3rd session is to access the response of the patient to the prescription and to find out whether the course which is set is the right one in order to achieve the goal which is cure. This could also involve drawing up a treatment plan for further follow-up assessments.

Fees/Tarif: First consult/New case – €110,- *

The first consult is spilt into 3 sessions.

Other Consults

A Follow-up consult (Duration 45 minutes – 1 hr):

The follow-up consult involves reviewing the patient’s progress since the last consult and making any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. During the consult, the practitioner will ask the patient about any changes in their symptoms or overall health, as well as any changes in their lifestyle or habits. Based on this information, a new homeopathic remedy may be recommended or the dosage or frequency of the current remedy may be adjusted. The goal of the follow-up consult is to also ensure that the patient is on the right track towards improved health and well-being, and to make any necessary modifications to their treatment plan as needed.

Fees/Tarif: Follow-up consult – €55,- *

An Acute consult (Duration 1 hr):

This consult takes place when the complaints require quick/urgent action, especially when the complaints are acute. This consult involves just 1 consult where the focus is directed on the acute complaints of the patient and the analysis done in order to arrive at the prescription.

Fees/Tarif: Acute consult – €55,- *

On-line consult:

There is also a possibility of doing an on-line consult. You will receive a link with the date and time of the appointment and the consultation is held on a virtual platform.

You are in good hands

As a classical homeopath, I am affiliated with the professional association NVKH (Dutch Association of Classical Homeopaths) and included in the register of complementary care professionals RBCZ, Professionals registered with these institutions meet the high quality requirements of training, practice and annual refresher courses at HBO level. Through the RBCZ I am also affiliated with the Healthcare Dispute Authority and Quasir ( and, the medical disciplinary committee established by the Ministry of Health. See the healthcare dispute flyer. If you have any concerns, questions, comments or a complaint, I refer you to this document.

* Important note

  • Being the member of NVKH, the consultation fees are reimbursed (partial/full) through the health insurance. Kindly check with your health insurance provider.
  • The above rates are exclusive of medicines.
  • Home visit is also possible within 15Km radius from Langedijk without additional cost.
  • As I would wish to see that Homeopathy reaches and becomes accessible to as many people as possible, hence the consultation fees should not be a hindrance to someone in order to receive homeopathic treatment. Keeping this objective in mind, the consultation fees may be adjusted based on the individual situation of a person if the insurance does not cover the cost of the consultation and treatment.