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Patients Privacy Statement

Your privacy

For your proper treatment, it is necessary that I, as your homeopath, maintain a file. This is also an obligation prescribed by the WGBO. Your file consists of notes about the condition of your health and information of tests done and other treatments.

Also other information is found in your file which is necessary for your treatment and which is also asked/obtained from other healthcare providers after explicit permission.

What does it mean when I say that I guarantee your privacy:

  • I will handle your personal and medical information carefully.
  • I will take care and see to it that no third parties will not be able to get access to your file.

I have a professional secrecy as a healthcare provider which mean that I as your homeopath only have access to your file.

Information in your file can also be used in certain circumstances:

  • Informing other healthcare providers, when a treatment is over or in case of referral to other healthcare providers. This is only done after your permission is obtained.
  • This is also a time to discuss things that happened during the “in between” of your appointments. If you kept notes during this time, the follow-up is the best time to share them.
  • When I am not available for a certain period and another homeopath appointment by me takes over my practice.
  • Intercollegial meetings in which you will remain anonymous.
  • A small part will be used for financial administration in order that I can draw up an invoice.

If there is any other reason than which are mentioned above, I will then priorly inform you and ask your permission explicitly.

The files will be kept for 15 years after the treatment is over, after which they are destroyed.