Information about the Checklist

The checklist consists of factors/conditions/modalities which make the main symptom(s) better or worse

If there are 2 main symptoms ( for e.g., headache and joint pains) , then you may use 2 checklists to indicate the factors/conditions/modalities which make this main symptom better or worse. because the factors/conditions/modalities may differ for each complaint/symptom OR  you may write down the modalities/factors/conditions mentioned in the checklist pertaining to each complaint  on a separate sheet of paper. 

I must say that the checklist is very elaborate as it is a general checklist and not everything would be applicable in each individual case.

You may need some time in order to exactly figure out what makes the main symptoms better or worse based on the checklist.

Please try and be as exact as possible leaving no scope for doubts when you fill in the checklist. The items which are highlighted in yellow in the checklist are very important for the case analysis. So please pay extra attention to these highlighted items in the checklist to see if they are applicable to you or not, with relation to your complaints. If there are any doubts in the checklist with regards to the factors/conditions/modalities that make the main symptoms better or worse, you may indicate this with a question mark in the checklist. But being exact and precise in the checklist is the key and to note/observe very precisely and minutely what conditions/factors make the main symptoms better or worse as you fill them out in the checklist. 

There may also be a need to apply or try-out the factors/conditions as mentioned in the checklist to see if these factors/conditions/modalities make the main symptom/s better or worse  (that is why some time may be needed to see this happening and to confirm it).

Once you have completed filling the checklist, send them to me by email and then we can make an appointment.

Let me know if there are any further doubts with regards to the above attachments.